How to Choose A Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer

You’ve opened several restaurants only to find your chairs split, crack, and break. Or perhaps they’re noisy and cumbersome, not user-friendly to your staff or customers. These situations pose a myriad of problems, from major safety hazards to cleaning difficulties to customer dissatisfaction.

You’ve established the need for new restaurant furniture. But, it's more than that. You need a reliable furniture manufacturer. A dedicated partner that will elevate your brand direction and company growth.

This decision, after all, affects more than just your restaurant furniture; it affects the overall quality of your brand.  Through a sea of suppliers, ask yourself these three questions to weed out the good from the bad.

1. Can They Value Engineer Your Product?


According to SAVE International, value engineering means to “analyze and improve manufacturing products and processes, design and construction projects, and business and administrative processes.” To us, that means we have a dedicated team of engineers on staff to help achieve the price and performance goals that your brand demands.

The ability to value engineer is something our customers find extremely valuable. We often work with large brands that might need a lower price point, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality or detail. With our dedicated team, we’re able to drive cost out of products through this iterative collaborative process. We’re able to maintain and ensure the same quality—providing major value to our customers.

2. Do They Have a 10 Year Warranty?

restaurant furniture at RA Sushi

We not only believe in our services like value engineering, but we also stand firmly behind our products. So much so that we have a 10 year warranty on our chairs and tables.

We use high quality materials and superior design and engineering techniques to create beautiful and durable products. Knowing that most restaurant brands rebrand, redesign, or change furniture every three to seven years, we wanted to make sure our products would withstand that lifespan, plus some. Where most commercial food service manufacturers provide a standard five year warranty, we knew ensuring quality and durability meant doubling that.

3. Are They an Expert in Their Field?

Raising Cane's restaurant furniture

When looking for a restaurant furniture manufacturer, look for just that. Many manufacturers claim to be experts in three to four types of interiors. While possible, it also requires a score of resources like money, time, and bandwidth.

The wiser option is to choose a restaurant furniture manufacturer that dedicates all of its resources to creating furniture solely for restaurants.  For instance, you wouldn't want your favorite bakery to start serving Mexican. Authentic Mexican food demands a new set of flavors and techniques, requiring an entirely different palette and knowledge set. Like cuisines, different spaces have different needs. Focusing on one space allows us to be experts in commercial dining spaces.

We find this approach valuable because it allows us to create thoughtful and specific products. For example, we team up with designers to observe and analyze dining and interaction habits of chain customers. Meaning, details like the differences in sit times during lunch and dinner for a fast casual restaurant help us dictate the comfort level of a given chair. Along with user studies, we also work in tandem with chain designers to create products specifically for their brand. By incorporating our 20 years of knowledge within commercial dining spaces and their in-depth customer knowledge, we're able to create products perfectly suited for their brand, space, and customer. Every resource is dedicated to developing products and services that improve the overall quality of a brand.

While there are many more questions to ask before choosing a furniture manufacturer, these questions should not be overlooked. If your chain is looking to choose a new furniture manufacturer, contact our regional sales managers to learn more about how we can help you.Contact Us