The Best Barbecue Restaurant Design

In honor of summer and barbecue (a glorious combination at that), we gathered our favorite barbecue restaurant designs, all with a common theme: masculine and rustic.

This theme is no surprise as the art of barbecue itself is associated with a rustic masculinity, so it’s only fitting that the design materials fall more toward the industrial side of the farmhouse aesthetic.

You’ll see in the designs below reflect the laborious nature of making delicious BBQ in the furniture, lighting, and decorative components, using hardworking materials such as steel and rustic woods. Exposed welds, imperfect wood tops, or wood table tops with distressing add a lot of texture to a space without being distracting. We love these designs (almost) as much as we love the food.

Let’s dig in!


Smoke BBQ Restaurant

Whiskey barrel bases, distressed metal barstools, barn pendant lighting—it doesn’t get more rustic and masculine than that. In every nook and cranny you’ll find natural textures or hard materials like steel and concrete, a seemingly never-ending mirage of rippling and tactile surfaces.

When so much of barbecue is meant to be eaten with your hands, it makes plain sense that this restaurant features so many surfaces and textures.The design, especially the materials, is a true celebration of the food, and we admire this restaurant’s moxie.

Slows Bar-B-Q

Slows Restaurant

Slows Restaurant

Slows BBQ Restaurant

Full disclosure: This is our furniture, but we love the way it looks in this barbecue joint. Slows Bar-B-Q, established in Detroit, features a designed centered around rustic wood paneling with a robust black and red color scheme. The wood elements, varying in texture and tone, play well with the sleek black chairs and barstools. Together, the design is a balance of rustic and modern.

Outdoors, you’ll find stainless steel chairs finished in bright Traffic Red. The color provides a visual break from the wood tones. It also plays homage to Slow’s logo, tying the entire brand together from menu to table.

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Babel Restaurant

Light, bright barbecue restaurant

On the hills of the Babylonstoren Farm Hotel sits the most unexpected and spectacular barbecue restaurant. Although it falls on the feminine side of the spectrum, this restaurant features distressed wood tables, brawny steel beams, and an amazing bull tile mural (a nod to the building’s past life as a cow shed).

Admittedly, this restaurant isn’t a traditional barbecue restaurant, but it does feature the masculine and rustic elements that you would normally find. What’s special about this restaurant is that the design features a lovely juxtaposition of light colors with heavy materials—a design that is as fresh as their take on barbecue.

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Below are our picks for the perfect chairs for any barbecue restaurant:

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Featured image: RIB’Z Grill & Booze

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