The 23 Coral Colored Fabrics We're Going To Be Using Non-stop This Year

Another new year means another new “color of the year” selection from the Pantone color experts. Enter Living Coral. A calming yet vibrant color that speaks to the digital nature of our society as well as our innate human desire to experience the natural world.

Restaurant Design Ideas: Natural vs. Synthetic Fabrics

When designing a restaurant, there are thousands of decisions to make,

Maharam's Take On Budget-Friendly Fabrics: 4M Fabrics

Here at GR Chair, we're tickled pink over beautiful fabrics. So, when we went to spec fabric for our Molly Collection, we wanted something a little luxurious yet durable and economical. Naturally, we turned to Maharam, a leader in modern performance textiles. We selected Maharam's 4M fabrics.

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