An Influencer's Take Pt. 2 With Didier Young

As a city enthusiastically trying to break free of it’s reputation as the birthplace of Tim Horton’s (actually from Hamilton, Ontario), Toronto is a true melting pot of cuisine. Where the absence of “authentic Canadian cuisine” has led to a very creative, innovative culture where chef’s can experiment and grow.

Which Table Is Right For you?

There are many decisions that accompany the redesign or opening of a restaurant. One of those decisions is what type of dining tables you will use in your restaurant to maximize your space and set the right design tone.

Restaurant Design Ideas: Natural vs. Synthetic Fabrics

When designing a restaurant, there are thousands of decisions to make, one of them being whether you should use natural or synthetic fabrics to make your design ideas come to life. Making the right selection between these two material types is an important decision based on a number of needs and factors of the restaurant.

Restaurant Design Trends of 2017

Welcome to 2017! As we embrace the New Year, we like to take some time to look ahead at what trends are on the horizon in restaurant design. Here are some of the best trends we’re already embracing for 2017.

Restaurant Table Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

A table’s just a table, right? It’s the tool that provides a stable and comfortable environment for your restaurant guests, and as long as it performs that basic function all is well, correct? Well, not exactly.

What Makes a Restaurant Insta-Worthy? An Influencer's Take

You know those perfectly curated Instagram feeds? The ones with impeccably plated food and superbly attractive scenery? The ones where everyday life seems so impossibly elevated?

Spotted: A Multi-Level Bar with a Steampunk Edge

Similar to our last featured restaurant, PAve Bar of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a multi-level restaurant and bar that features three different spaces. The concept is simple; each floor provides a unique experience, from decor to tap list.

5 Awesome Restaurant Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

Creating a cult following for your restaurant on Instagram is almost a necessity these days to survive and thrive. Making your space the next big sensation requires a lot more than luck. It really comes down to a three key concepts to follow: great branding, a consistent voice, and finally, a unique interior.

Foundry & Lux, A Casual Yet Chic Restaurant Complex

San Francisco's food scene is a dynamic celebration of cultlure, innovation, and comfort-foods. Foundry & Lux is no exception to the list of great places to grab a quick bite to eat in the area and maybe make a new connection.

Unique Brands Deserve a Unique Interior

Successful brands have one thing in common: a strong brand identity, because at the end of the day, a burger is just a burger and a pizza is just another pizza. When trying to build a strong brand culture that will propel your restaurant to the next level, create a powerful customer experience that will stand out and empower your customers to live, breathe, and eat your brand’s culture. 

Restaurant Design Ideas: How to Do Rustic Without Dating Your Restaurant

One of the restaurant design ideas many owners are gravitating to is described as the "rustic-industrial" space. These designs carefully combine elements that create an updated and finished space while strategically incorporating modern elements like silver or shiny finishes and mechanical-type elements. Rustic elements include things like wood and old factory-feeling pieces.

No One Likes a Wobbly Table! The Importance of Restaurant Furniture Construction

We’ve all been there; a high-top table just opened up around the bar area, and you’re jumping right into it. But much to your frustration, the table is wobbling back and forth causing an annoying distraction during your well-deserved happy hour.

Spotted: An elegant take on a brewpub

Being from Beer City U.S.A., we have a penchant for breweries. We’re excited to have our Sadie restaurant chairs featured in the newest brewpub to stake its claim in our hometown. Enter The Knickerbocker Brewpub & Distillery.

Striking the Right Balance With Restaurant Furniture Planning

When opening a new restaurant, the potential seating layouts available might seem endless, with each option looking better than the last possible combination. 

Fast Food Interior Design Through the Years: McDonald’s

Fast food restaurants have been with us since 1919, when A&W opened its doors here in the US for the first time. Since then, these easy and somewhat sinful quick stops have grown to become a 570 billion dollar industry. But in order to remain such a staple of our lives, they’ve had to conform their interior designs to please the changing needs and demands of their evolving customers.

Restaurant Tables: Cast Iron vs. Steel Table Bases

Tables bases rarely get any of the credit. Most fanfare is put squarely on the table tops. But let’s think about this. Table bases play a vital role in the overall design and durability of a restaurant. A table base—rather 20 bases—can make or break the success of a busy dining space.

One Chair, Three Restaurant Designs: Part One

Move over Tolix, there’s a new industrial chair in town. And, it’s a bit more polished, sophisticated, and versatile than any other industrial chair available.

The Best Barbecue Restaurant Design

In honor of summer and barbecue (a glorious combination at that), we gathered our favorite barbecue restaurant designs, all with a common theme: masculine and rustic.

The Inspiration for Look Book Vol. 2

We recently sat down with the creative genius behind Look Book Vol. 1 and the new Look Book Vol. 2 (which you can download here), Lindsay Jones, to discuss what influenced her, what are the next big trends in restaurant design, and where she finds inspiration.

Restaurant Design Trend: The Modern Windsor Chair

What’s that quote? “Everything old is new again.”

Design-It-Yourself Custom Laminate From Formica

Creating a great brand experience in your client’s quick serve or fast casual restaurant comes down to the details, and for years we’ve been in awe of the beautifully creative wall murals and bold flooring choices that have dominated the scene.  Thanks to technology there are more ways than ever to create personalized products for your interior , one of our favorite products being custom designed laminate table tops.

Craving Color? How To Pull Off Pantone’s Color of the Year With Restaurant Furniture

For the first time ever, Pantone has awarded the title of “Color of the Year” to two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity. The blending of these two colors creates a perfect harmony by balancing the warmer hues of Rose Quartz with the cool, tranquility of Serenity.