Maharam's Take On Budget-Friendly Fabrics: 4M Fabrics

by Andrea Reynolds

Here at GR Chair, we're tickled pink over beautiful fabrics. So, when we went to spec fabric for our Molly Collection, we wanted something a little luxurious yet durable and economical. Naturally, we turned to Maharam, a leader in modern performance textiles. We selected Maharam's 4M fabrics.

Curious about this high-functioning fabric line, we asked Marharam's communications coordinator, Haley Graves, to tell us more about the 4M textiles and why this budget-friendly fabric is the farthest thing from drab.

Graves' says:

"The story behind Maharam’s 4M fabrics is one of versatility, functionality and color. By focusing on a union of aesthetics and application, Maharam has created products with steadfast, collective appeal.

The 4M fabrics are core textiles that can be used every day, while still satisfying the needs of those who seek novelty. Having perennial textures like a crepe or a basket weave has proven to be critical to the success of Messenger, Metric, Medium, and Milestone, while occasional color updates enable the products to remain innovative and noteworthy. Each with their own distinctive personality, the textiles have the ability to be mixed and matched, be it with other 4M products or patterned pieces.

Maharam 4M Card

The color line for each textile is texture specific and dependent upon how the material is constructed. That being said, the dyeing process allows the Maharam Design Studio to specify almost any color imaginable. Although each product has its individual color direction, the four lines are also viewed as a whole, allowing the designers to note any colors that may be missing or that would complement the collection in its entirety. Within this rigorous design process, the Design Studio also seeks to avoid the repetition of colors. Periodically refreshed, the color lines are reinvented time and again to reflect the current moment, resulting in a product offering that is continuously evolving with time. There are currently 125 color ways available among the 4M collection, including a selection of fashion-forward colors and a wide variety of usable neutrals and brights.

By acknowledging the varied needs of its clientele, Maharam has created a strategic set of products that focus on highly specific applications and market demands. The 4M textiles can be found in high–traffic areas such as theaters and airports, as well as upscale retail and hospitality settings. Messenger, Metric, Medium, and Milestone each function as workhorse textiles, yet are elevated and tailored in their appearance. Due to these unique qualities, timeless pieces of furniture are often found re-upholstered in the 4M textiles.

Most notably, the 4M fabrics are available at an accessible price point. The idea of great design at all price points is central to Maharam’s design philosophy, as is a desire to create products whose appeal is timeless and universal."

Molly Chair

So, the next time you're reaching for a fabric that covers and adheres to all needs, check out the Maharam 4M Collections.