​5 Gorgeous Cafe Chairs

by Andrea Reynolds

Ah, the cafe. A place to relax, sip espresso, and gaze out into the world through your tortoise shell sunglasses. Or, if you’re like me, furiously trying to connect to Wi-Fi while guarding the only outlet on that side of the cafe.

Either way, a cafe needs to be a place where customers feel welcome. A place where they can eat, drink, work, socialize, and yes, relax.

And of course, the beverages and fare have to be delicious—even gourmet. Because as we know, customers are looking for an authentic experience. One where the decor has as much to say as the responsibly sourced coffee beans.

Instead of teaching you about how to create an amazing dining experience, we thought we’d give you a little sweet treat to go along with your cup of Joe. Feast your eyes on these five gorgeous cafe chairs.

1. The Modern Twist - Leo Armchair


Designed by Joey Ruiter, the Leo Armchair is the epitome of cool. Inspired by the tubing of Ruiter’s 1962 Lincoln Continental, the Leo Armchair is the perfect chair for cafes looking to strike a chord with a younger, fashion-forward demographic.

The Leo Armchair is constructed of solid steel tubing with wooden dowel legs. This armchair plays nice with others due to the minimal design. The silhouette is casual and cool, making it perfect for a variety of spaces, but especially for a cafe.

2. The Purist - Bentwoods No. 18 & 763


Bentwood Cafe Chair

It would be a crying shame to write a post about cafe furniture and not include Michael Thonet’s iconic Bentwood Chairs. And if you’ve noticed, this is a two-fer. With their smooth angles and lightweight appearance, the Bentwoods are brimming with enough whimsy and charm to hold up to the most Parisian corner cafe.

But don’t let its airy appearance fool you, both Bentwoods are constructed with steam bent European Beech, using the same tried and true technique developed in the nineteenth century that creates an angelic yet strong piece of furniture. Take that, Paris.

3. The Updated Wood Chair - Molly Chair

Molly Cafe Chair

molly cafe chair

It’s a popular style, but with a modern touch. The Molly Chair, especially when painted in an unexpected color (read: white, grey, blue) is a great option for cafe chains looking for supreme durability and timeless style. Because of its clean lines, the Molly Chair looks great with most table bases and is easy to mix with other pieces of furniture.

4. The Mid-Century Statement Piece - Andy Lounge

Andy Lounge for Cafe

Leo Cafe Chair

Remember that part about people relaxing and socializing inside of cafes? We’ve got the chair for that. The Andy Lounge, designed by Paul James, was made for conversation. And, as our cafe customers are learning, the Andy is living up to expectations.

My colleague described this chair perfectly, writing, “The tapered legs, streamlined angles, exposed wood grain and gentle recline are a nod to a time when people knew how to slow down and enjoy a scotch on the rocks.” And in this case, a hot Americano with soy.

5. The American Shaker - Hugh Chair


The Hugh Chair is new to the Grand Rapids Chair collection, and we’re excited about this launch. Hugh is an all wood Beech chair with clean Shaker style lines. We love Hugh finished in simple black or natural, giving the chair and cafe a fresh and inviting vibe.

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