4 Coffee Shop Interiors We Love

by Dean Jeffery

There is one thing all four of these cafes have in common: great design. From light and airy, to colorful and cozy, here are 5 trend-setting spaces that are not only beautiful, but have awesome coffee! 

alfredOpla Chair

Alfred Coffee & Tea Co. 

We’ll be showcasing this space more in the future, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek inside of this West Coast cafe that has been a coffee shop design icon for almost a decade. Since 2013, when their first cafe opened on Melrose Ave., they differentiated through design. From the “But first, coffee” sign that has captured America’s hearts and filled our Instagram feeds, to the mesmerizing wallpaper, each cafe is a masterclass in maximalism on a commercial scale and we love it. 

You can support them and their employees by ordering up a bag of coffee or 12 here: https://alfred.la/collections/coffee

331_Hurdle_GGET2Half Hurdle Chair, Hurdle Stool

Go Get Em Tiger

GGET may be one of the most approachable third wave coffee brands around. Each location is infused with quirky design elements and punchy colors. Aside from their casual and friendly interiors, they’ve reinvented the way customers interact with the brand, opting for more of a bar-like ordering process over the traditional coffee shop queue and by making their staff of coffee experts available by text 24/7 for any questions you have brewing. 

Shop their coffee beans here: 

130_Sherman_BossRambler_Blog6Sherman Barstool

Megaphone Coffee Roasters

Coffee shop by day, beer club by night, this coffee shop interior is one of our favorite Sherman installs ever. The space is filled with charm while remaining bright and light-filled. While the walls are neutral in color, the furniture really pops. Designers combined natural wood tones with dusty blue and zinc yellow to really add a cheery note to the interior. 

You can pick up a bag of their beans here:

360-10_SirBurly_GRCC_Stovetop-2-1Sir Burly Barstool

Stovetop Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop is our own backyard and we’re grateful because their beans are some of our favorites of all time. The interior is welcoming 

and casual yet curated. Every few months, one of the owners repaints the wall behind the bar with adorable illustrations, from nature -inspired (see above) to dogs swaddled in blankets and everything in between. The same illustrations that adorn the walls are also present on the coffee packaging. We suggest trying the “Company Blend” beans. 

Need coffee? You can support Stovetop by ordering a bag of coffee here: https://stovetoproasters.com/collections/coffee

Each week during quarantine we’ll be giving away freshly roasted coffee beans from some of our favorite roasters to help make your WFH experience a little bit more enjoyable. Head over to our Instagram to learn more about how you can enter and win (it’s super simple, and hassle-free).

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