4 Reasons to Love This Modern Lounge Chair

by Andrea Reynolds

Lounges and soft seating are definitely having a moment in restaurants, offices, and other social spaces. So, it only seemed fitting we highlight our favorite modern lounge chair, Andy. It’s stylish, durable, and oh so comfortable. It works in a myriad of spaces--from a swanky lounge to a college cafeteria. If that wasn’t enough, we listed four more reasons we love this collection.  

1. Mid Century Lines

Andy Lounge mid century modern lounge chairThe Andy Lounge chair in leather. 

The Andy lounge features tapered legs, streamlined angles, exposed wood grain, and a gentle recline. The design is a definite nod to mid-century, when people knew (or rather had more time) to slow down and enjoy a scotch on the rocks. Designed by Paul James, the Andy balances minimal ornamentation and geometry, distinguishing this Mid Century modern aesthetic.

“The Andy lounge is inspired by classic Danish design,” says James. “There is nothing extraneous or contrived about them. Everything works together – form, materials, and fabrication – to express beauty and comfort.”

2. Comfort is King

Don’t let Andy’s modern looks deceive you; this chair is incredibly comfortable. Sitting at 15” high, the lounge sits low--and for a reason. Once you sit, you’re inclined to stay due to the 2" of high resilience foam. For added lounge time, Andy is available with or without arms.

3. Pattern Play

Andy Lounge in  modern lounge area in restaurantAndy Lounge chairs in El Thrifty. 

Time and time again, the COM-friendly Andy has proven to be our go-to product for pattern play and experimentation. For El Thrifty, a casual all-day cafe and restaurant, designer B. Berry Interiors chose to use a striped, nautical stripe for the back and a blue vinyl on the seat. In Hill College House at the University of Pennsylvania, design firm Floss Barber opted for bright red fabrics and an Alexander Girard Arabesque print, proving that Andy can handle the busiest and wide array of upholstery.

Andy Lounge in higher ed interior design UPennAndy lounges in Hill College House at the University of Pennsylvania.

For some of our current favorite prints and commercial fabrics in this year’s hottest hue, check out this post here.

4. Ready for Wear

While the majority of lounges in the marketplace are made for residential interiors, our Andy lounge chair was designed to withstand the busiest (and most unforgiving) environments. Andy was tested to BIFMA standards, is assembled and finished in our Grand Rapids factory, and boasts a five year warranty.

If you’re interested in seeing Andy in different finishes, fabrics, and stains, check out our new visualizer tool. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our new Installation brochure below.

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