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4 Restaurant Design Trends With Serious Staying Power

by GR Chair

Design trends can seem to come and go like the wind, with modern elements making their way in, only to be viewed as a dated concept just a short while later. Because of this, finding a restaurant design style that can stand the test of time might seem like a daunting task. That’s why we rounded up four trends in furniture and design that will never get old.

#1 A Solid Wood Table

A solid wood table will never go out of style. They have a great feel, are super durable, and look spectacular in any type of commercial dining space. Especially when done in large communal sizes, a solid wood table creates a more intimate, connective dining experience, reminiscent of sharing a meal at home.

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Dylan Communal Table

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La Cantina, photo by Amy Benjamin

#2 All Things Social Media-Friendly

Platforms like Instagram and Yelp! have proved that restaurants and digital sharing are not going away anytime soon. That’s why it’s incredibly important to design with social media in mind. From neon signs to indoor garden walls to unique murals, it’s imperative restaurants consider how diners are perceiving and sharing the space. Creating your own, iconic, memorable space can help your brand stand out and engage with customers.

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Safehouse Coffee, photography by

restaurant design trends4.pngSouk, photo by @didier

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Photo by @flyritechicken

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lbs. Restaurant
 and Oretta, photography by @didierych

#3 The Classic Bentwood

The years may go by, but the Bentwood remains. This collection has been a mainstay in cafes, bars, and restaurants all across the globe for over 100 years! And it’s no wonder, the swooping steambent curves are approachable and distinguishable and can be placed in modern to traditional dining spaces. Another reason for their prolonged tenure: although incredibly lightweight, this collection is also extremely durable and affordable.

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Bentwood No. 25 Barstool

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Bernie’s Lunch & Supper

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Le Bon Macaron

#4 Avoiding Trends & Staying Authentic

With so many trends happening, sometimes the best design doesn’t follow any trend. We have long preached that unique brands deserve a unique interior, and there is something powerful, memorable, and everlasting when a restaurant remains completely authentic in their mission, food, and style.

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, photo by Schoolhouse Electric

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Photo by @flyritechicken

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Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique
, photo by Maarten Willemstein

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