The Dowel Lounge and Love Seat designed by Lime Studio shown in white oak with blue upholstery.

4 Things We Love About The New Dowel Lounge Collection

by GR Chair

We're kicking 2021 off with an exciting product launch in collaboration with TON, a European furniture manufacturer that has been creating elegant and innovative products since 1861. If the name sounds familiar, it's because our past projects include the Leaf, Merano, and Bentwood collections. 

For our latest project, we bring you the Dowel Lounge, a modern lounge seating collection that combines an elegant steam bent wooden frame with a sturdy, yet super comfortable upholstered pad. Here are four things we absolutely adore about this new product line. 

Dowel Lounge front and back with white oak legs, a black top strap and blue upholstery.

1. A Timeless, Modern Aesthetic

Designed by Lime Studio, the Dowel Lounge was originally launched to the European market in 2016. The collection combines traditional work working techniques with modern shapes and upholstery details. The rounded details feel welcoming and friendly and the way the cushion envelops your body leaves you feeling cozy and secure.

2. Personalized for You

There are tons of ways you can personalize this product, including the wood leg finish,  upholstery options, and different top strap colors. The frame is offered in either White Oak (with a natural oil) or in Beech in your choice of 9 different stains. 

We've curated a selection of in-stock vegan leathers and anti-microbial, high-performance fabrics from TON that you can choose from. You can see all of the standard options here. If you're dreaming of something a bit more patterned or playful, our account managers can help you navigate the world of C.O.M. (just keep in mind lead-times will be a bit longer due to shipping).

Finally, one of the most subtle yet impactful details is the top strap that wraps around the back of the frame. Believe it or not, this strap keeps the upholstered pad in place! We have six different vegan leather options to choose from, including black, red, white, and a soft grey.

Dowel Love Seat with blue upholstery, white oak legs, and black top strap

3. Super Comfortable Upholstered Cushion

We've all seen chairs and couches in hotel lobbies that have been used so much that their cushions have broken down and it looks rather sad. Fear not, the Dowel Lounge and Loveseat both feature a firm foam that will retain the shape of the cushion over time--even in high-use situations.  If you need a lounge chair for a high-use commercial setting, like a café or even an office space, then this might be your new favorite product! 

Dowel Lounges installed at Herbert's Cafe in Vienna. Herbert's Café, photo via Derenko

4. Commercially-tested Durability

It's understandable how one may be tempted to use a residential lounge chair in a commercial space, but keep in mind that not all lounges are created equally. Our products go through a litany of strength and durability tests to ensure they can withstand high-use environments. In fact, each product must pass at least 13 different tests! It's one of the reasons why we're so confident in our warranties. 

One key design element that makes the Dowel Lounge and Loveseat so durable is its steam bent frame. The steam bending process maintains the continuous long-grain pattern of wood, helping it retain its natural strength. Other notable benefits to steam bending include less waste and no glue lines, which translates to a more durable, environmentally friendly product. 

Each lounge is made-to-order in TON's factory (the same one that has been making the original Bentwood chair for centuries) and has a 14 week lead-time. To see pricing, dimension, and even more details, check out the Dowel Lounge or Dowel Loveseat pages. 


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