Cafe scene with tables and chairs in the forefront and a white ordering counter in the background

A Story of Crop to Cup Through Design

by Brandi Koloski

Peixoto (pa-shuto) Coffee doesn't just sell coffee - they facilitate a full circle crop-to-cup experience. The cafe's newest location brings the rich essence of Brazilian coffee agriculture to downtown Gilbert, Arizona. Named after the family of the cafe founder and third-generation coffee farmer Julia Peixoto, the cafe aims to tell the story of the Peixoto family farm, Fazenda Sao Jose da Boa Vista, located in Southeastern Brazil.

Left: Balconette seating topped with colorful photos of farm scenes. Right: Rows of sage leather chairs.

A story in the design

Peixoto Coffee partnered with Dala Al-Fuwaires of boutique hospitality design firm House of Form to create a raw meets refined space that feels reminiscent of Fazenda Sao Jose da Boa Vista. When asked about the design of the space, Fuwaires explained, 

"What we did was we kind of studied her family farm through photos and picked up on a lot of the materiality that you can see in the farm. So a lot of raw finishes. Concrete. A lot of wood."

Using design as a storytelling opportunity, you will find a range of materials, from warmer materials like the reddish tones of coffee cherry wood and lush greenery to harder and colder materials like concrete and stone that serves as a juxtaposition between the raw elements of the farm and the finished products sold in the cafe. 

Intertwined with the materiality in the space, Fuwaires combines the past and present by creating intentional moments that allow owners and staff to tell the story behind the cafe. Peixoto Coffee is more than just a transactional space - they play a role in the entire process of the product. Moments that tell the story of the family are abundant from the concrete map that illustrates the location of the Peixoto farm and cafe locations, to the photos and artfully hung hats belonging to past generations of the Peixoto family.


Compliments from the Sadie II Chair

Our own Sadie II Chair merges the raw feeling of wood with the modern refinement of powder-coated steel, serving as a complement to the story that Peixoto Coffee's space embodies.


In regard to the Sadie II, Fuwaires noted that that in addition to fitting finishes, 

"We wanted something that looked handcrafted but was made for commercial use so that it could stand the wear and tear of the business of a coffee shop. We wanted something that had weight to it so that these things didn't feel flimsy or non-substantial."

Constructed of 18 gauge steel and molded plywood, the Sadie II Chair was made for high-traffic spaces such as Peixoto Coffee. Like all of Grand Rapids Chair's products, the Sadie II chair is tested to perform to BIFMA standards, ensuring the chair will stand up to the busiest days at the cafe.

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Photography by Kevin Brost.


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