An Easy Way To Specify Fabric: TexTile3D by Mayer Fabrics

by Andrea Reynolds

It's no surprise that we are very into visualizing products. In fact, the basis of our new website was born from the idea that our customers should be able to easily see our many finishes and options on our productsall without actually needing a physical chair. So when Mayer Fabrics introduced TexTile3D,  their new way to visualize fabric, we knew we had to share. To top it off, Mayer included our Andy lounge, Harper, and Brooke models in their collection. Below are a few of our favorite specs using this fun and helpful new tool.


Left: Andy Lounge Chair, Mayer Sherlock, Keyboard  Right: Harper Counter Stool, Mayer, Ankara, Stone

Not only are the renderings beautiful, but you can download your specs and order samples directly from the site.  We personally liked being able search by grade, color, and pattern type. 

Mayer-Blog2Left: Harper Lounge, Mayer, Tattersal, Cobalt, Right: Brooke Chair, Mayer, Acuco, Cobalt

How would you specify Andy? Try out TexTile3D here. And don't forget, you can change the wood finish, fabric, and metal finish on most of your favorite Grand Rapids Chair Co products on our website right now.

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