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Inside A Bright, Budget-Friendly Juicery

by Andrea Reynolds

Since the blog’s inception, we’ve shared countless stunning restaurants (like this one, this one, or this one). Some of these spaces feature mind-bending architecture, jaw-dropping city views, dazzling conceptual design, and furniture packages that seem to be shipped straight from the showrooms of Milan. While aspirational, these restaurant designs often come with a hefty price tag. And that’s not realistic for most restaurants.

So, we wanted to highlight a design that is just as gorgeous and stunning, but done on a tight deadline and an even tighter budget. Because to us, an inspirational design with challenging limitations is a story and space worth sharing.  

The Chain

Living Organic Vegetable Juice, or LOVJuice as it’s more commonly known, is a 3000-square foot juice bar dedicated to serving “organic, raw, vegan beverages and foods” to their patrons. As a brand-new chain, LOVJuice has plans for franchising in early 2018. This Miami location is considered as their prototype store, so the design needed to be impactful, on-brand, and as mentioned prior, done quickly and affordably.

The Design

When LOVJuice approached Fort Lauderdale-based boutique design firm Jewel Toned Interiors, they tasked the team with creating a “welcoming and raw space” that highlighted the fruits and vegetables. Lead Designer, Jaclyn Szerdi, of the LOVJuice project, used those words as a guiding principle in this overall neutral and bright space. However, just because it’s neutral, this space isn't boring.

The floors are finished in a grey polished cement while the bar countertop is wrapped in sleek white quartz. The furniture is finished in natural wood tones and bright white finishes. Color was used sparingly yet strategically.

“We brought in the green color, which as you know is obviously your typical juicery color. It’s also the perfect match to LOVJuice’s logo. We wanted to highlight this green in a different way than simply using green paint or a green wall. We really wanted to place the color in small details that popped, like the legs of the chairs and live plants in the space. It’s not your typical way to use color,” said Szerdi.

LovJuice with Harper Chairs and barstools by Grand Rapids Chair Company.pngImage via Jewel Toned Interiors

Those intricate details provide depth and richness to LOVJuice’s interior. At first glance, the space feels bright, clean, and neutral. Once you saddle up to the bar or sit at the quaint banquette, you’ll notice the you’ll notice the unique characteristics of the space:  the gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree, the wheat grass wall, the vertical grey tiles, the green chair legs, and the rustic industrial shelves that neatly displays merchandise.

Aside from being downright Instagram-worthy, these are all affordable and meaningful design details. When paired with the modern simple space, these elements come together to add layers of interest and personality, making LOVJuice feel dynamic and complete.


The Impact

It’s that type of feeling—creating interest with branded detail—that creates successful restaurant spaces.  Szerdi noted, “It's incredibly important to have a strong concept that's that drives your restaurant because people are drawn to a story. They want to be connected with the space and want to feel something.”

LOVJuice is a shining example of how restaurants can achieve an on-brand, unique, and welcoming design without breaking the bank. Now that’s something to share.

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Featured image via Jewel Toned Interiors