Budget Friendly Restaurant Chair Guide

7 Budget-Friendly Restaurant Chairs

by Andrea Reynolds

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get stylish and quality restaurant chairs. And we have seven chairs to prove it. Below, you’ll find our favorite budget-friendly dining chairs that are nothing short on style—and all start under $400 list.

Opla Chair, $296 List

Opla Outdoor Chairs for restaurant

With a design that feels two parts modern and one part 50s patio chair, this uber affordable outdoor chair can (and should) be used year round. Along with being easy on the wallet, the Opla Chair is easy on the eyes, too, featuring a lightweight steel frame, a nostalgic wire design, and an optional seat pad.

Sherman Chair, $315 List



Available now, the Sherman chair features a modern mixed material design and a make-you-look-twice price point. Sherman was designed by Tim Stoepker, the same designer of the Brooke Collection. And like Brooke, the collection uses the same Adirondack-inspired wood slats and a minimal silhouette.

Hurdle Low Stool, $323 List

Low stool Hurdle by Dowel Jones modern dining chair


It’s no secret we love a low stool, and this Hurdle Low Stool is everything and more. The Hurdle stool features a very on-trend White Oak seat and a playful A-frame steel base. With an accessible price point and modern design, this cool stool can be used in everything from lounges to chic coworking spaces.

Sadie II Chair, $338 List


If you’re looking for a distinctive design without breaking the bank, the Sadie II is for you. Designed by Joey Ruiter, the Sadie II chair is both functional and beautiful. A Maple seat and back intersect a geometric steel frame and legs that creates a striking and sturdy design from every angle.

Half Hurdle Chair, $354 List

Half Hurdle Chairs in Gusto Atlanta

The Half Hurdle chair balances both charm and simplicity. Designed by Aussie design studio Dowel Jones, the Half Hurdle chair uses that modern combo of White Oak and bent steel tubing to create a memorable design.

Harper A-Frame, $396 List

Modern chairs in office Harper Chairs

Similar to the Half Hurdle Chair, the Harper A-frame also enlists the help of an A-frame design, only this one stacks. Also designed by Joey Ruiter, the sleek shell embodies functional, minimalist design.

Hugh Chair, $400 List

Hugh Budget Friendly Dining Chair

Last but not least is our Hugh chair. Classic, stately, and comfortable, Hugh provides an updated traditional look for a fraction of the the price compared to other Windsor-style chairs.

To put the cherry on top—all of the chairs are tested to ANSI/BIFMA standards. To see most of these products in action, be sure to check out our Installation Brochure below.

Restaurant design and inspiration by Grand Rapids Chair Co.

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