Chairs and barstools inside a bright and modern restaurant in Texas

"Far East Meets Down South" At This Dallas Restaurant

by GR Chair

Easy, breezy, and beautiful. Krio is a casual, Asian-inspired Cajun restaurant based in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. 

Designed by Coeval Studio, this modern eatery strays far away from the cliché design elements typically found in Cajun restaurants. Instead the owners, Connie Cheng, Dan Bui, and Warren Wip wanted to create a space that was joyful, airy, and fresh. The result is a space that is filled with natural materials, organic shapes, and a sea of sunlight. 

The honed pebble floors and wavy wainscoting are sophisticated take on the nautical aesthetic and immediately transport guests to the seaside. The custom millwork and lotus flower mural reinforce the Asian-influence that is reflected in the unique “Far East meets Deep South” menu. 

From the walls to the ceiling, the wave-like detail is carried throughout the space and creates a sense of movement. The grid detail on the ceiling is actually fencing material that was powder coated and slightly resembles fishing nets. The entire restaurant design is a master class on design that is original, modern, and memorable. 

Krio_HalfHurdle_Sherman2-1Half Hurdle Barstools in gloss white with white oak seats.

The restaurant features the Half Hurdle barstool in gloss white with a natural, white oak seat and the Sherman chair in gloss white and natural. Krio_HalfHurdle_Sherman3Sherman chairs in gloss white and natural

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Photography by: Chase Daniel 


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