Spotted: Finger Licking Good Design

by Andrea Reynolds

Currently, there are more than 50 chicken restaurant chains in existence. Holy cow, I mean, chicken. With stiff competition, one of the easiest and proven ways to get customers in the door (and coming back) is through design. Meet Flyrite, the brand that’s ruling the roost in design and branding. From the futuristic exterior, to the industrial interior, to the seamless digital branding, Flyrite shows us that qsr’s become a whole lot more memorable when paired with great design.


Flyrite restaurant exteriorFlyrite 

Flyrite is based in Austin, Texas, an area with a high concentration of chains. Therefore, Flyrite owners were careful to create a distinct and eye-catching first impression. Architectural firm Marlon Blackwell places focus on the wing-shaped roof that prominently displays the glowing red chicken logo. There is no question what kind of restaurant this is. Cascading from the roof is a modern, glassy storefront, perhaps a nod toFlyrite’s devotion to transparent sourcing and ingredients. Picnic tables and vibrant red seating complete the outdoor dining area, perfect for an al fresco dinner on a cool Texas night. The overall exterior design has a nostalgic, mid-century diner feel—a smart choice for a modern chicken joint that caters to both drive-thru and dine-in customers.


Flyrite restaurant design

Flyrite restaurant with modern barstools by Grand Rapids Chair Co.Brady Barstools in Flyrite

As you walk through the front door, the space is flooded with natural light (perfect for taking appetizing food pics). You’ll find modern fast casual go-to’s like cement floors, industrial light fixtures, crisp geometric tiles, and a healthy dose of modern furniture. While the design palette isn’t groundbreaking, it’s smart. This particular combination provides the right amount of durability and design, while acting as a perfect backdrop for their playful signage, bright colored seating, and of course, delicious chicken sandwiches.

Flyright chicken sandwich


I dare you not to drool when looking at Flyrite’s Instagram feed (@flyritechicken). While most restaurants have a digital presence, few do digital this well. Their website and Instagram are pure eye candy. Their mantra of “fast food you can feel good about” is clear, made evident through poignantly timed stills of juicy sandwiches, thirst-quenching beer, and happy Austin residents (the human and four-legged kind). The imagery does not center on the logos, but rather focuses on the mundane yet jovial moments of sharing a delicious meal with a loved one. It’s simple, straightforward, and it works.

Flyright restaurant social media Flyrite Instagram 

Flyrite restauarntFlyrite Instagram 


With two locations in Austin and plans to open a third in Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport in the fall, Flyrite seems primed and ready for continued growth and success. Flyrite’s owner, Kevin Warden, a previous fast casual executive, saw an opportunity to create a better restaurant, noting that Flyrite’s overall intentions was to “disrupt the quick service [industry] with better food and better design.”

While we can’t speak to Flyrite’s food, we can vouch for the design. The exterior, interior, and digital branding create a seamless, cohesive customer experience—an absolute must for any restaurant. In a crowded market, Flyrite shows us that a thoughtful and modern design can mean a leg (or wing) up on the competition.

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