From Sea to Shining SeaGrille — Revitalizing an Island Favorite

by Brandi Koloski

A local and seasonal favorite in Nantucket, Massachusetts has just gotten a facelift — SeaGrille has long been a beloved culinary gem known for its local and seasonal seafood delights. With a rich history spanning 21 years, the restaurant recently underwent a remarkable transformation, redefining the dining experience it offers. Partnering with interior design firm Arkay Leliever, SeaGrille embarked on a complete renovation, repositioning its brand and creating a space that combines elegance, island charm, and a touch of modernity. This blog article dives into the collaboration between SeaGrille and Arkay Leliever, highlighting the design elements, materials, and furniture choices that have made this renovation a resounding success.

A Collaboration Anchored on Experience and Passion

At the helm of this transformative renovation is Arkay Leliever, a design atelier based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Led by visionary founder Christian P. Árkay-Leliever and his talented team, Arkay Leliever brings a wealth of experience in interior design and hospitality to the table. Having designed for renowned names like Skidmore Owings & Merrill and David Rockwell, Árkay-Leliever's deep-rooted passion for design, culture and culinary arts perfectly aligns with SeaGrille's vision for reinvention.The Sea Grille (web) 6

Sigsbee Chairs and Barstools with partially upholstered seat and back in CF Stinson - Square One, Fleece, Olive Drab strap with brass buckle, and custom Walnut wood finish.

Design Inspired by Island Life

SeaGrille's decision to revamp its space was driven by a desire to stay at the forefront of the island's dining scene. With new restaurants emerging and evolving around them, SeaGrille recognized the need to elevate its brand and create a fresh, inviting atmosphere. Arkay Leliever and the SeaGrille team shared a vision to infuse the space with island charm while embracing a more refined aesthetic and keeping their menu pricing accessible for their valued customers. The result? A modern yacht-like ambiance that beautifully marries moody dark woods, rich green accents, and carefully selected design elements.

The Sea Grille (web) 8

Sigsbee Barstools with partially upholstered seat and back in CF Stinson - Square One, Fleece, Olive Drab strap with brass buckle, and custom Walnut wood finish. 

Design Elements that Reflect the Sea

The design choices at SeaGrille draw inspiration from the island's maritime heritage and the beauty of the surrounding waters. The use of dark woods, rich green tiles, and a moody ambiance creates an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere that immerses diners in a modern yacht-like experience. The lighting fixtures, reminiscent of lobster pots, illuminate the space with a soft glow. The ceiling, featuring wood slats akin to those found on boats, adds a nautical touch. Even the choice of materials, such as the original wood used in boat construction, ties the design elements together, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

The Sea Grille (web) 14

Sigsbee Barstools with partially upholstered seat in CF Stinson - Square One, Fleece and Black wood finish. 

With a vision to cater to diverse dining experiences, SeaGrille's renovation boasts two distinct areas that share a common thread of design. The main dining room exudes a sense of warmth and elegance, enhanced by the addition of our Sigsbee Chairs and Barstools with an upholstered seat and back. These chairs not only provide exceptional comfort but also feature a buckle detail that seamlessly ties into the nautical theme. On the other hand, the front bar area embraces a Nordic Swedish aesthetic, enveloping guests in a lighter and more open space adorned with tasteful gray and black tones. In this area, the use of an alternate version of the Sigsbee Barstool, without the back cushion, serves as a design anchor, connecting the two spaces while maintaining their distinct identities. These two spaces allow guests to choose the ambiance that best suits their dining preferences while maintaining the overall design integrity.The Sea Grille (web) 16

Sigsbee Chairs with partially upholstered seat and back in CF Stinson - Square One, Fleece, Olive Drab strap with brass buckle, and custom Walnut wood finish. 

Capturing Island Life Through Photography

In the spirit of celebrating Nantucket's vibrant community, SeaGrille's collaboration with the talented local photographer, Lauren Marttila, adds the final touch. Marttila's captivating black-and-white photography captures the essence of the island, showcasing the chefs, surfers, and everyday heroes who call Nantucket home. By incorporating these captivating images throughout the restaurant, SeaGrille establishes a strong connection with the island community, creating a welcoming and family-friendly environment. These evocative images not only grace the walls of SeaGrille but also serve as a visual testament to the restaurant's deep connection with the spirit of the island.

SeaGrille's partnership with Arkay Leliever represents more than just a renovation. It symbolizes a commitment to honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Through the amalgamation of design, materials, and photography, SeaGrille has created a sanctuary where island life unfolds in every corner, inviting guests to savor not only the flavors of Nantucket but also the indelible spirit that makes this place truly special. SeaGrille is more than just a restaurant; it's a love letter to the island and its people—a place where memories are made and stories are shared.

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