Garden Fresh: A Vibrant Museum Cafe Renvoation

by Dean Jeffery

The Taste of the Gardens Cafe at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park brings the outdoors in with their latest renovation.

Meijer Gardens is one of the nation’s most significant sculpture and botanic experiences. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Meijer Gardens include the state's largest tropical conservatory, five indoor theme gardens, outdoor gardens, nature trails, and a boardwalk. 

FMG_Cafe_2017_11_dj.jpgPhotos by Kevin Beswick, courtesy Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

The recently remodeled Taste of the Gardens Cafe celebrates the natural evironment in a big way. Sun-soaked with natural light, the space is grounded in a neutral palette of creams, medium-toned solid woods, and vibrant greenery, serving up an interior experience that is both refreshing and relaxing. 

The cafe features a dazzling glass ceiling sculpture by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. Named Lena’s Garden, the sculpture seemingly dances arcoss the ceiling. The work of art is comprised of dozens of individual blown-glass pieces in a spectrum of colors from cool greens to cobalt blues and purples to brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds. 

Cafe2017 (3).jpgBlown glass sculpture, Lena's Garden by Dale Chihuly

The cafe's designers used a variety of tables and chairs to break up the space, offering guests a variety of dining experiences including booth seating, bar height communal tables, and standard dining tables. You'll find our Dylan Communal Tables and Spartan Tables with solid wood tops in the cafe. 

Cafe2017 (2).jpg

Thanks to technology, you can now take a virtual tour of the cafe, click here

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