Hot and Ready: Bentwood Quick Ship Program + FAQ

by GR Chair

The idea is simple, great designs, delivered faster! Few restaurant chairs have stood the test of time quite like the Bentwood No. 18 and No. 150, which is why we're so excited to introduce the Bentwood Quick Ship Program.

From iconic cafes in Paris, trendy bars in WeHO, to huge coffee chains nationwide, these two models are familiar, iconic, and timeless... now you can get them shipped in just 2 weeks. Here's how the program works:

Choose between the Bentwood No, 18. Chair and  Bentwood No. 18 Barstool in our Kona wood finish and get your restaurant chairs shipped in two weeks—no frills, no fuss.

Grand Rapids Chair Restaurant Furniture Bentwood Chair.png

Still not convinced that these chairs are right for your restaurant, cafe, or bar? Maybe these beautiful installation shots will sway you.

Bentwood Quick Ship Installation.pngLeft: Polperro Winery Right: Juicy Design


Q: Can I get any Bentwood model in two weeks?
A: No, this program only applies to Bentwood models, B018-VEN- KONA, B018BS-VEN-KONA and B150-VEN-KONA

Q: What finishes are available?
A: Quick ship products are only available in Kona.


Q: What if I want upholstered Bentwood chairs?
A:  These specific Bentwood products (B018-VEN- KONA, B018BS-VEN-KONA and B150-VEN-KONA) can be upholstered. However, upholstery will extend quick ship lead-time from two to four weeks. Please work with our customer service department for upholstery inquires. 

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity?
A: No.

Q: Is there a maximum order quantity?
A: 30

Update: The Bentwood Quick Ship program was eliminated and no longer offered as of August 7, 2017. 

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