Perfect Pairings: Table Chair Combos for All Heights

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The right table height in a restaurant can mean the difference between a comfortable dining experience and scooching your way through a meal. But having the right table height also means having the right chair.

No matter how carefully you consider which table height is best for your space, if the wrong chair is paired with that table, the customer's experience will suffer. Looking at the three different height options for tables, we've picked our favorite table and chair pairings below.


Great for:  Fine dining, cafes, bistros, or casual dining restaurants

Bentwood & Cassandra 2.jpegImage: Babu Ji St. Kilda

When you decide to go with traditional dining height (and why wouldn't you, it's so versatile!) you want to make sure it stands out. For the perfect standard height pair, look for a mix of playful and simple.

The Table: For a classic style, try our Cassandra Table. With it's straightforward design and adjustable sizes, it's perfect for any space. And, its steel base holds up against even the most demanding restaurant space.

The Chair: To complement traditional, try a whimsical chair with playful curves like our Bentwood No. 18 Chair. The straight base of Cassandra and curves of Bentwood are the perfect, traditional height pair.


Great for: Standing room spaces such as corporate or university cafeterias


When you want to encourage mingling and conversation, choose counter height tables. 

The Table: Our Brady Pedestal is the perfect table to promote conversation by blending in. Its minimal design adapts to any space.

The Chair: Bring out the best of Brady with our Merano Counter Height Barstool. Style meets engineering with this lightweight stool that can be easily shifted and moved. It's unique, sharp angles are highlighted when paired with Brady's simple design.

This perfect pair entices patrons to hang around and socialize.


Great for: Very casual environments like breweries, pubs, and quick serve restaurants


In a more casual environment, bar height tables rule. For a laid back vibe that focuses on community, try a pair that promotes the communal style dining.

The Table: The Dylan Communal Table is ideal for large groups or anywhere diners want to share a meal and conversation.

The Chair: When paired with the striking, solid wood of the Dylan, the Siren Barstool adds some modern industrial panache. Because Siren is aluminum, it's lightweight and easy to move as guests slide in and out to chat with each other.

Discover more table options in our latest brochure, filled with a wide variety of table styles and finishes for your restaurant dining tables and chairs.

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