How to Use Hand-Crafted Materials in Restaurant Design

by GR Chair

When you're designing a restaurant, the term "hand-crafted" is a common phrase. While it may sound good, what does "hand-crafted" actually mean in regards to construction and longevity of restaurant furniture? And what can you do to incorporate these quality products into your design themes without busting your budget?

Defining "Hand-Crafted"

Hand-crafted means the product was made skillfully by a person and not mass-produced, rolling off a conveyor belt in a factory. Hand-crafted furniture is typically made from natural and biodegradable materials like wood. 

Why Choose Hand-Crafted Furniture Over Mass-Produced Items

It can be more convenient to pick something up that's cheap and quick, but it comes with a quality trade-off. Hand-crafted furniture boasts deliberate care in every step of its production by a craftsman who values their art. While designing a restaurant, hand-crafted furniture enables a designer to customize every aspect of an item to meet a restaurant's demands.

Choosing handmade over something mass-produced means you’re also giving back to your local economy; the money you’re spending gets funneled right back into your neighborhood market. That’s why Grand Rapids Chair is proud to manufacture in our U.S. facility, using high quality, locally-sourced materials. Our tables and chairs are hand-sanded and stained by the master-craftsmen we employ.


Understanding Truly “Hand-Crafted” Furniture

“Hand-crafted” and “handmade” are labels that aren’t regulated, much like “healthy” and “natural” in the food industry - there’s some room for interpretation. To be sure you’re getting a quality piece of furniture, find out valuable information about exactly what materials they are using as well as what warranties come with the products.

Hand-crafted materials come in materials like wood, in oak, maple, and walnut.  How the wood is logged, milled and dried all affect the character of the furniture. To get the most wear out of your piece, ask what finishes would be best for your intended use.

A reputable dealer offers a guarantee because they are proud of their product and construction. Without a warranty, you may be stuck paying for unexpected repairs in the future, which hikes the price of hand-crafted furniture.


Where to Incorporate Hand-Crafted Furniture in Your Design

Hand-crafted pieces help establish and separate spaces while also bringing an eclectic, “homey” feel to a restaurant. When on a tight budget, use handcrafted furniture where it will make the boldest statement. Sprinkle it throughout your restaurant to reap the benefits of design without breaking the bank.

There are definite advantages to hand-crafted furniture, such as solid construction, beauty, and ethical production. By incorporating hand-crafted furniture smartly in your restaurant design, you are helping to anchor and define the overall feeling and functionality of the space.

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