Introducing the Half Hurdle Barstool

by Dean Jeffery

Guess what? We've expanded our collaboration with Australian-based Dowel Jones to exclusively bring the Half Hurdle barstool stateside. Designed for hospitality spaces, the Half Hurdle barstool celebrates design-forward thinking and a modern perspective of mixed material furniture.

331BS_HalfHurdleBS_Launch3Image by: Cricket Studios for Dowel Jones

“There was such a warm reception to the original launch of the Hurdle collection within the U.S. hospitality market that we knew that we wanted to continue the momentum by expanding the collection to include the counter and barstool variations,” said director of marketing and new product development Dean Jeffery.

Designed by Dowel Jones, the Half Hurdle barstool is akin to an umpire’s chair at a tennis match or a lifeguard stand. It features a unique A-frame shape and simple geometry that reflects the current pulse of modern Australian design.

331BS_HalfHurdleBS_LaunchCounter and barstool Half Hurdle Chairs in gloss white

Half Hurdle barstool by Dowel Jones will be manufactured and finished in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Byron Center, Michigan, available with a standard 4-6 week lead time.

All pieces in the Hurdle collection will be available in an expanded range of 150+ standard metal finishes in North America with custom colors available upon request. The chairs and barstools come with a natural oiled White Oak seat, but can be finished in 16 wood stain variations.

The Half Hurdle barstool is just the second of four new products that we're launching in 2018. The new collections highlight the softer, more playful side of metal fabrication, using tubular steel frames to create gentle shapes complemented by warm, delicate wood details.


Want to see this modern barstool in action? Check out these three installs that we love. 

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