Making The Case for Classic: 3 Restaurant Chairs That Never Go Out of Style

by Dean Jeffery

Admittedly, we can be chair snobs, it’s kind of our job. And while we’re the first person to call out a restaurant for having generic furniture and uninspired finishes, we’ve also learned that flashy modern restaurant furniture doesn’t always equate to an amazing dining experience. With that being said, it felt like the perfect time to give a nod to the chairs that have defined “dining” for so long. 

From the elegant curves of the Bentwood cafe chair, to the sturdy silhouette of Melissa Anne, here’s proof that these three classic restaurant chairs never go out of style.

As sleek and modern as these chairs can come off, their roots date back to the 1870s. Steeped in centuries-old traditions of steam bending and traditional woodworking, our Bentwood seating collection comes straight from the source and is still produced in one of Michael Thonet’s original factories. 

Bentwood+Brewery-BhavanaBentwood No. 18, Brewery Bhavana, Designed by ClearsacpesBentwood+United-Kitchen-Bentwood No. 18 Barstool, United Kitchen Dining & Tapas, Designed by James Richardson, Photography: Michael Gazzola

Wood Melissa
This chair has been around for decades and for good reason. Stylistically, it can go from fine dining to fast casual with the simple switch of a fabric or a creative cut-out, and the accessible price point doesn’t hurt either. To achieve the look, we marry traditional woodworking techniques, like the ones used to produce the Bentwood chairs, with modern technology to produce a product that literally withstands the test of time (we’ve even BIFMA tested it to verify it’s durability in high use spaces).

Melissa Anne
When we think about classic restaurant chairs, the Melissa Anne collection immediately comes to mind. A sturdy frame, a ladder-like back design, and a curvy shape check the box for simple, functional design. A few months back we featured this install, a Melissa Anne chair in a decadent, Grecian blue color, but this chair can look just as good in a simple, industrial-inspired palette, like an acorn colored seat and a clear coat steel frame.

Melissa-Anne-+-Mellow-MushroomMelissa Anne Barstool, Mellow Mushroom

MelissaAnneBS_ChairMelissa Anne Chair and Barstool with clear coat frame and acorn wood seat. 

Classic restaurant chairs like the Bentwood, wood Melissa, and Melissa Anne collections will never go out of style thanks to their versatility, familiarity, and durability.

Featured image: Bentwood No. 18 Chair, Sander's Ice Cream, Designed by Patrick Thompson Design