Two Freestanding Sally Stools in white powder coats. Left stool has a wood seat. Right stool's seat is upholstered.

Meet the Sally Freestanding Stool: Same Sleek Look, New Movable Base

by GR Chair

In 2019, we introduced the Sally barstool, a modern barstool with an industrial and minimalist vibe. Simple, but oh so sleek in front of a bar and fully capable of personalization, this stool quickly became a Grand Rapids Chair staple. With a gorgeous solid wood or expertly upholstered seat and the option of a durable steel footrest on the base, this stool made its way into spaces everywhere.


The Original Sally Barstool

The original Sally Barstool’s small steel base is bolted into the floor for maximum stability. This is perfect for some environments, but we also found that other designers and restaurant owners wanted the same industrial and modern feel with a little more freedom of movement.

Our solution? The Sally Freestanding Stool!


Freestanding Sally at the Ryder Hotel in Charleston, Photography by Katie Charlotte

Many of the details of this stool remain the same as the original Sally Barstool. It has a 3-inch steel tube column that can be equipped with a half circle shaped footrest. The base can be powder-coated in any of our 150+ color options. The seat can be either solid wood or upholstered. Wood options include maple, white oak, walnut hickory, mixed wood. The upholstery can be done in any fabric of your choosing with or without a welt cord seam. Cushions on the seat have two inches of foam, so despite the cool minimal appearance, you get maximum comfort.


Freestanding Sally at The Ryder Hotel in Charleston, Photography by Katie Charlotte

The only difference is the round quarter-inch thick steel base. It’s heavy and wide enough to be a super stable seat while still maintaining its sleek appearance. With a soft felt glide covering the bottom of the steel, the stool can safely shift around across floors without causing damage. Now you can get the minimal vibe of the Sally Stool without being required to drill it permanently into the space.

The Sally Freestanding Stool is available at dining, counter, and bar heights. Footrests are available only on the counter and bar height stools. The starting list price is 475 and it currently has a 6 week lead time.


The Freestanding Sally

Restaurant owners and designers have loved the Sally stool, and this project truly came out of listening to our customers. The original Sally is perfect for a more permanent seating set up, but we’re so glad to be able to offer you something that can move around your spaces however you need. The Sally Freestanding Stool is ready for bars, counters, and tables everywhere!

If you want to learn more about the Freestanding Sally and also play with our customizer, click here!

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