Reece chair in modern diner

Reece Roundup: Our Best Reece Installs Ever

by Andrea Reynolds

Inspired by factory chairs of the past, the Reece chair and barstool strike a harmonious chord between nostalgic design and modern needs. And lately, we’ve seen a lot of Reece! From cozy diners to corporate cafeterias to chicken finger chains, this mixed material collection has been flexing its versatility and chameleon-like design since its launch in 2016. Here are five of our favorite (and very different) Reece installs. 


GrandRapids_Recess_06_webuseSpeaking of murals, we chatted with some of our favorite muralists on the impact of art in commercial design.

Navy laminate with bubble gum pink powder coat? This unlikely furniture color combo can be found in Recessone of the most colorful and unforgettable Reece installs ever.  Designed by Square Feet Studio, Recess is a food stall in Atlanta’s Krog Street Market. The 14-seat stall is packed with personality and pure fun. We’re particularly drawn to the pop art mural created by artist Meredith Anne White. With its vibrant palette, the art installation connects each design element to create a cohesive yet playful space.

Craving color? See the entire Recess design here. 

HipCity Veg 

reece-chairs-in-hipcityveg-280-hipcity-vegDesigned by Groundswell Design Group and photographed by Jason Varney

HipCity Veg is what diner dreams are made of. Inside this Admore, Pennsylvania location, interior design firm Groundswell Design Group took old-school diner design elements (think bolt down barstools, square tiles, and banquettes) and updated them with finishes like white oak, vegan leather, and an earthy color palette. 

Read more about HipCity Veg design here.


280BS_ReeceBS_Hancock_DVDPReece barstools in Hancock. 

What do you get when you take a converted 1950s gas station, Nashville hot chicken, Southern charm, and unexpected modern accents? You get Hancock, a new(ish) Grand Rapids restaurant that’s small in size but big on design. The designer was inspired by elements of a classic country kitchen but wanted to serve it with a side of modern quirk. They paired bright red Reece barstools with classic Windsor Hugh chairs in a natural wood stainan unlikely yet perfect pair. The concept, the furniture, even the music presents a happy juxtaposition. It’s that kind of contrasting design that makes a space memorable.

Get all of the details on this funky design here. 

Electric Feelgood

Reece-Barstools-in-80s-restaurantReece barstools in Electric FeelGood. Photo via Chase Daniel Photography

Need a feel good boost? Look no further than Electric Feelgood of Houston, Texas. Inside this whopping 11000 square foot restaurant/bar/dance club, interior designer Stacy Whitworth took an ‘80s theme and ran with it.  “I thought it was perfect and exactly the vibe we needed because it incorporated the colors we wanted to use and the overall design aesthetic,” said Whitworth. With colors like pink, teal, yellow combined with funky furniture, , is it possible to feel anything but good when you walk into this space? We think not.

Learn more about this ‘80s-inspired design space here.


farm-to-table-restaurant-design-AventineIndustrial Reece barstools and classic Bentwood armchair in Aventine. Photo via MM Photography.

For an elegant take on the Reece barstool, we turn to Aventine, a full service restaurant based in Rome, Georgia. The space, designed by Summer Williams, is enveloped in rich, creamy textures and tones. Like Hancock, WIlliams paired Reece with a classic chairperhaps the most classicthe Bentwood. The furniture finishes run parallel, creating a continuous and refined feel throughout the space.  

Check out the entire Aventine space here. 

From an elegant full service restaurant to a ‘80s-inspired club, no Reece install is exactly the same. To create your own version of the Reece chair or barstool, check out our customization tool