A Beloved Italian Restaurant Gets a Makeover

by Andrea Reynolds

There’s always risk when redesigning a beloved restaurant--people don’t like change. So, when Best Practice Architecture embarked on giving Serafina a fresh face and new life, they went bold.

Serafina was founded nearly 30 years ago in Seattle. A treasured Italian eateryyou know the kind—a space filled with nods of red and green and the “old world.” But under new ownership, the vision was to create an establishment just as comfortable and welcome, but with a modern sophistication.

Cozy_Restaurant_Design_Grand_Rapids_ChairImage by Rafael Soldi

What once was brown and old is now sophisticated, rich, and layered with modern and classic finishes. True to the talents of Best Practice Architecture, the interior is thoughtfully wrapped in color and texture.

Reece-Barstools_Serafina_Italian-Restaurant-DesignImage by Rafael Soldi

The walls are painted a warm reddish maroon. It’s not just any redit’s a deep redsimilar to my nonna’s Bolognese sauce or your favorite juicy Chianti Classico. For an Italian eatery, the color choice seems obvious yet so sophisticated when paired with striking black, white, and brass accents.

Sleek black penny tiles line the bar while modern Reece chairs and barstools add a mid century vibe. The show-stopping (and personal favorite) black and white checkerboard floor and white table cloths harken to a fine dining experience of yesteryear. It’s classic, but when paired with modern brass lighting and industrial mid-century chairs, it feels nuanced, unexpected, and fresh.

Serafina_Reece_Chair_Formal_Restaurant_Design Image by Rafael Soldi

The reason people hate change (redesigns, movie sequels, etc) is that oftentimes the new concept  is never as good as the first. With this redesign, it's certainly different and definitely better. 

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Feature image by Rafeal Soldi