Restaurant Table Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

by GR Chair

A table’s just a table, right? It’s the tool that provides a stable and comfortable environment for your restaurant guests, and as long as it performs that basic function all is well, correct? Well, not exactly.

Determining what tables you use is perhaps one of the single most important decisions you will make as you prepare and design a restaurant. Although a commonly unreferenced element during a meal, it quietly serves as the center stage for the entire dining experience. Selecting the perfect table should be evaluated carefully with both design and functionality at the forefront.

To ensure the table selection process goes smoothly, here are a few commonly overlooked details to consider before you finalize your table purchase.

1. Mis-matching the Table Style with Customer Expectations

You put your heart and soul into making sure the food on your menu matches what customers expect from you, so your restaurant tables should meet those same expectations. The dining space should set your restaurant apart from your competition almost immediately. For example, you wouldn’t put a laminate table with vinyl edge in a fancy restaurant, and you definitely wouldn’t put a marble in a fast food restaurant. Like the rest of the decor, tables also need to meet customer’s expectations.

2. Not Comparing Table Warranties and Expected Lifespan

A table might look beautiful at first glance, but does it perform well for the type of restaurant you have? Always, always read and compare manufacturer's warranties. Some warranties, like ours, are 10 years in length, while other manufacturers may not provide one at all. In tandem with the warranty, consider when your future remodel plans, as it could help you decide which table (hence, warranty) is right for you.

3.Choosing Convenience Over Quality

It can be a costly mistake to pick a vendor you find online because they are offering a low price. Tables are where all the magic happens at your restaurant, so they should be crafted with care and quality standards. Ask the manufacturer how the tables are constructed and inspected, if they are assembled in America, and what warranty programs they provide. A quality provider will assist you with each and every detail of the table selection process to ensure you have a quality product that meets the needs of your valued customers.

When you put some advanced thinking into the table purchasing process and avoid these common mistakes, you are taking the important first steps in creating a memorable and unique restaurant experience.

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