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School Colors and University Designs

by Andrea Reynolds

Color plays in integral role in a school’s identity. You wouldn’t have University of Michigan without maize and blue or the Tarheels without their signature Carolina blue and white. When you think about it, school colors can be found on everything from a school’s end zone, to sweatshirts, to coffee mugs, and even interior design.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Color Finder program, complete with 10 of the most widely used primary colors in the higher ed landscape today. It’s an easier, faster way to show off your school colors on any of our metal chairs, barstools, or tables. In honor of this school spirit, we rounded up a few of our favorite university designs where color takes center stage.

Clemson Interior Design .pngClemson University 

canadian valley tech interior design.pngCanadian Valley Tech featuring Brady Barstools

bentley university-2.pngBentley University featuring Siren Barstools

University Interior Design Williams Paterson.pngWilliam Paterson University 

Michigan State University.pngMichigan State University

aluminum chairs at university of kentucky-1.jpgUniversity of Kentucky featuring Siren Barstools

As you can see, school colors can be a powerful tool when designing higher education interiors and spaces. And with our new Color Finder program, it’s never been easier to incorporate your school color into your design. We even mapped out the most popular higher ed finishes below.

Popular School Colors.jpg

And don’t forget to download our entire higher ed brochure to see even more higher ed projects and designs.

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