Spotted: A Multi-Level Bar with a Steampunk Edge

by Andrea Reynolds

Similar to our last featured restaurantPAve Bar of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a multi-level restaurant and bar that features three different spaces. The concept is simple; each floor provides a unique experience, from restaurant design to tap list.PAve Bar has a fun, cohesive edginess. From the Rolling Stones-esque lip urinals to the inky, coppery color palette, we dig the alternative vibes. When so many restaurants are reaching for light and bright, it’s nice to see one that rebels—and does it well.

The three eating and drinking spaces include: Factory Avenue, the first floor modern industrial cocktail lounge;  Roxbury Avenue, an aptly named second floor dance club; and lastly, Alley Avenue, a seasonal outdoor patio.

Throughout the complex, you get the feeling that “every hour is happy hour.” In Factory Avenue, giant brick pillars flank the entrance with an engraved wood sign while the floor features a mix of polished concrete and trendy hex tiles. Sleek Brady Barstools and wood Merano Barstools are placed around glossy white and dark tables. This place is dark, modern, and made for off-the-clock hours.

Factory.pngFactory Avenue, the first floor of PAve Bar

Factory Bar Merano Barstools.pngFactory Avenue, the first floor of PAve Bar

Upstairs in Roxbury Avenue, the steampunk vibe is in full swing. Brady Chairs, Barstools, and Backless Barstools are finished in an electric red or smoky black. This energetic space is complete with a giant bar, billiards, neon sign, and a mural of Burt Reynolds.

interior2-1.jpgRoxbury Avenue, the second floor of PAve Bar

636068855964168742-0815-SFBJ-PAve-7062-copy.jpgBathrooms at PAve Bar

PAve's website describes their space as  “contemporary, industrial, steampunk”—the type of place that invites you to either “relax and stay a while" or one that will "arouse your earballs" with live music and a laser show. With its dark color palette, natural elements, quirky industrial modern vibe, it has something for everyone. Now, if only it were Friday at five.

Explore the entire PAve Bar, take the virtual tour here!

A special thanks to Alana Eggers of Canfield Business Interiors, LLC for sharing this project!

Restaurant design and inspiration by Grand Rapids Chair Co.

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