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The Guide to Glides

by GR Chair

One of our customers favorite things about our products is how many choices there are. Many of these choices are fun to make! You get to ooh and ahh at stunning upholstery options with lush textures and exciting patterns. Clicking through our vibrant powder coat finishes are a visual delight. And a dark or light wood stain can totally alter the feel of a chair. Then, there are the technical choices. What length and width will best suit this space? What materials are going to hold up in the environment we’re building in? These choices can make or break a project.

One of the choices that leaves many people scratching their heads is deciding what glides to put on their chairs. Glides are the protective coverings on the very bottom of the chair’s legs that help the furniture move across and grip the floor, while also protecting both the chair and the floor from damage.

This choice is often one of the last that a designer or purchaser makes while specifying furniture. With so many options, upgrades, and details, picking the right glide for a space can be time-consuming and frustrating. How do you pick the right one to keep your floors looking beautiful?

This guide is here to help! First, get familiar with the flooring in the space for which you’re specifying. With so many flooring options out there, it’s up to you to know the material of your floors and research how glides will interact with them. This guide is a great place to start, but we recommend doing additional research to make sure your project is a success! It can be helpful to consult with your architect when making glide decisions.

Second, not all these glides are available on all seating. While you’re considering what glide will best interact with your floor, we’re making sure to find the right glides to protect and work with the design of each chair. Make sure you know which of these glides are available for the chair you’re specifying. You can find this information in our Price List on our Resources page.

You should also know the golden rule of glides: The dirtier the floor, the more likely a glide will cause permanent damage to your floor. To protect your furniture, your flooring, and your pocketbook, make sure your floors are regularly cleaned!

The tables below walk you through wood, steel, and aluminum chairs and their available glides. We’ve detailed the pros and cons of each glide so you can consider how they match up with your space


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