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The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Metal Finishes

by Dean Jeffery

We’re breathing new life into our standard metal finishes with eight new colors. At a time when “freshness” or “sustainability” are anchor words for most Q.S.R. brands, this new color palette echoes the visual language of both the natural world and modern food space environments.

Ranging from bold, moody, and nostalgic to vibrant and unexpected, each color was curated to evoke a sense of emotion and familiarity. Combine any of these new colors with our wood finishes and your restaurant furniture will easily bring your brand to life.

Explore the new finishes below:

Copper brown.jpgImages: Hermes Home Milan 2017, Tilda

Copper Brown

A new take on “industrial,” this rich, earthy color draws inspiration from oxidized steel and aged terracotta. When combined with luxurious leathers, moody dark wood stains, and cozy neutral greys, this color creates a peaceful and satisfying sense of grounding.

Salmon Orange.jpgImages: In Support Of, Colette

Salmon Orange

Unexpected and inspiring are two words to describe this vibrant shade of orange. Salmon Orange has just enough whimsy and quirk to stand out, but is familiar enough to feel safe. Inspired by its namesake, this color succeeds when paired with other nature-inspired finishes and fabrics like hazelnut browns and earthy greens, or saturated yellows and dusty pinks. The true versatility of this color is only limited by your imagination.

Brown Red.jpgImage: Pinterest, Ceasarstone Jamie Hayon via Wallpaper

Brown Red

You call it Ketchup, we call it classic. This glamorous and deeply saturated shade of red exudes an almost jewel tone-like quality without straying too far from its traditional foodservice roots. Go bold by pairing this color with Honey Yellow, Dusty Blue, and Salmon Orange. Or you can stay classic, like your favorite Wes Anderson movie, with Dusty Blue, Grey White, and a warm wood.  

Cobalt Blue.jpgImages: Middleton Cafe, Somerset

Cobalt Blue

An intense blue that’s as dark and dependable as your favorite denim. This classic color creates a crispness that feels almost royal. Both wild and elegant, this saturated shade takes inspiration from the expansiveness of Lake Michigan, leaving us both awestruck and energized. Cobalt Blue can be used to bring a simple table base to life, transforming it from an afterthought into an integral design element.

Dusty Blue.jpgImages:  S.F.chair by LG, Half Hurdle Chair Tom Blachford

Dusty Blue

The visual equivalent of a warm breeze, Dusty Blue functions just as well when used as a soothing neutral as it does a playful pop. The simplicity of this color lends itself to array of possible combinations, but works to add personality to any palette. This color was specifically created to support the launch of the Dowel Jones X GRC collaboration, but looks stunning on all of our products.

honey yellow-1.jpgImages: Treves & Hyde, Opla Outdoor Armchair

Honey Yellow

Strong and moody, Honey Yellow is synonymous with fast food spaces (think: original golden arches). This particular shade of yellow is reminiscent of summer’s ephemeral golden hour and radiates joy and vitality. Heavily inspired by the popularity of golds and brass metallics, this is such a versatile color, pair it with our dark kona wood finish or keep it bright and airy by pairing it with a lighter wood like Dune, or Natural.

Olive Green.jpgImages: Pinterest, Leo's Oyster Bar

Olive Green

Acolor forecasted to emerge as a “favourite to rival ‘millennial pink,’” Olive Green captures the opulence of tropical destinations and summons our innate desire to connect to the natural world. This lush shade of green plays well with others, acting as an ideal backdrop to a myriad of wood stains and even more vibrant metal finishes.  

Cement Grey.jpgImages: Deco Futura series by MOROSO for Diesel Living, Pinterest

Cement Grey

Inspired by the Danish Hygge trend, this grey color is a minimalist’s dream, reminiscent of the wet cement after a spring shower. When paired with floral nude colors, natural woods, and off-whites, this color sets the mood for a soothing, calm space grounded in neutrals and earthy tones. Conversely, this color can feel warm and intimate when combined with rich woods, Copper Brown, and textured fabrics.

Whether you’re next project feels more like a sun-drenched California bungalow, or a minimalist's dream, our 30 standard metal finishes give you the design flexibility you need to bring you vision to life. Check out these finishes in our newest Lookbook Vol. 3. 


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