What’s on the Horizon in Restaurant Chair Design?

by Andrea Reynolds

Leading restaurant chains today know the importance of keeping their business up-to-date or even a step ahead of the current design trends. And while you might first think of the wall colors, decor, and lighting, the restaurant’s chairs are also an essential element of the overall aesthetics and feeling of the spaces.

So, what should you be looking for when it comes time to reinvent your space? Here are some of the latest restaurant chair trends we’re seeing and embracing:

Less is More

Today’s chair designs feature a simple and minimalistic approach. Gone are the days of large chairs with elaborate fabrics and bold finishes. Neutral tones like creams and grays are now making their presence known. And less becomes more with additional elements like steel and wood.

For example, take a look at one of our newest chairs, Reece. Designed by John Kaloustian, its creation was first inspired by an old factory chair. Reece features a  simple and industrial look. With the feeling that less is more, the simplistic shape, exposed fasteners and metal tubing make it a fashionable and functional choice. And while it has industrial roots, Reece can be adjusted to meet the needs of many different styles. See how you can customize it to your restaurant with our new Visualizer tool.


Combining Beauty and Function

Leading restauranteurs today put attention into every detail, and that means creating a beautiful space that also works well for the customers as well as the staff. From the table shape to the restaurant chairs, trends today are finding ways to incorporate the restaurant culture within the elements in a beautiful and functional way.

Take Harper, for example. Designer Joey Ruiter designed it to create a nice balance between new and old with elegance and function. It offers an aesthetically unique look but with the convenience of being stackable, like the A-Frame Chair. The familiar shape is pleasing to the eye while allowing it to perform well in a variety of spaces— without making any sacrifices in durability or style. For an even more individualized look, select one of the many different base options. 


Top: Riverside Food Court, Bottom: Harper Chair, Right: Eightthirty

Traditional Shapes With Modern-Day Styles

Today’s restaurant chairs find ways to elevate the standard of restaurant design with familiar shapes and functional design. Gone are the days of conventional styling— we’re seeing clean lines, continuous bends, and cohesive options. Collections are now available in a variety of sizes without completely matching, so there’s no need to get a different product line to meet the needs of two separate areas like a bar or a table.

These are just a select few of the trends you will see coming in restaurant furniture design. For your particular restaurant, always keep in mind that these are simply upcoming trends we’re seeing, they are not guidelines for design. Keep your establishment original and unique to your brand and your customers will thank you for it.